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A Few of My Favorite Original Christmas Songs!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Pretty lights, decorations, cookies, candles, time with family, presents, movies, and most importantly, MUSIC. Some people love hearing 5474347878 renditions of "White Christmas," and other people cannot stand it. Personally, I love how you can take one song that has been covered hundreds of times and still make it your own, but it can get tiring hearing the same song over and over again. I have always appreciated a new original Christmas song, and over the last few years that I've been on this Earth, I believe some songwriters have been able to make that one original Christmas song that will soon be covered over and over again. So I have decided to share some of my favorite original Christmas songs with you today. At the end of the blog is a link to a spotify playlist of all the songs I mention, so after you read a little bit about the songs, check them out and see if they could be YOUR favorites too!

"Merry Christmas Darling" - The Carpenters

This isn't just my favorite Christmas song, but the album Christmas Portrait is probably my favorite Christmas album. The song is sad but's about not being able to be with the one you love on Christmas because of distance. It was written in the mid-1940's by a young 18-year-old named Frank Pooler about a love interest he had at the time. Many years later, he recommended the song to Karen and Richard Carpenter who were tired of performing the usual Christmas standards and wanted something fresh. I always loved this song since I was a kid and Karen Carpenter's voice is so perfect and soothing. If you are curious about the album, the only way to listen to it is from beginning to end. It tells a story, with songs transitioning right into the next, a few instrumentals, originals and classics. This is a Christmas must have!

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" - Mariah Carey

In my opinion, this is THE Christmas song of the century. You can't have Christmas without listening to the song at least once a year (and I only say once because we have all been a victim of overplaying this jam, and we don't want to grow to hate it). It is the epitome of upbeat Christmas music. If Mariah Carey never released another song after this she would still be set for life. I haven't heard many attempts to cover the song, but one cover version I've heard that I like is Tori Kelly's from her new Christmas album A Tori Kelly Christmas. This song will be the face of Christmas for the next 100 years and beyond.

"25th" - Tori Kelly

Speaking of Tori Kelly, I just absolutely love this song! I think it's super catchy, cute and fun! What more do you need? Also her album is now one of my favorites. Check it out and add it to your playlist!

"Every Year, Every Christmas" - Luther Vandross

This is a beautiful holiday ballad, and Luther Vandross sings his heart out on this one. Written by Luther Vandross and Richard Marx, that duo right there should tell you right now that this one will pluck at your heart strings. It is a break-up song, but it is so creative in relating to Christmas. Don't listen to this one alone with a glass of wine in the dark...

"Underneath The Tree" - Kelly Clarkson

This song is like a modern feel of "All I Want For Christmas Is You." I love this song so much! I think it's so fun and catchy and makes you want to dance. There's so much Christmas in this song it's like being surrounded by millions of decorated Christmas trees! Kelly Clarkson is one of my favorite artists, and she wrote the song with Greg Kurstin so you know it's the perfect holiday pop bop!

"I Won't Be Alone on Christmas Day" - Cristina F

Well this is my blog and my song, so I'm going to add it to my list! It's another holiday break-up song, but with a positive outlook. Whereas Luther Vandross can't move on and keeps waiting for his lover to come back every Christmas, I know it's okay that my lover left me because I will be happily surrounded by my family on Christmas. The lyrics are bittersweet but the music is upbeat and fun, and let's the listeners know that I'm okay. Plus the chorus is super catchy! I hope that this song can pick up listeners in the coming years and can hang out with you every Christmas. Add this song to your holiday playlist right now!!!

"Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" - *NSYNC

When the piano starts playing and Justin starts humming, I feel that Christmas excitement in my soul. This song is just another genius holiday song that will be around for years to come. For some reason I just found out recently that JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake actually wrote this, along with Veit Renn who is a big pop composer/producer. No wonder this song is super fun and catchy! I think it's so much more awesome knowing that a popular holiday boy band hit was written by some of the band members and makes me love this song even more.

"Christmas Coming Home" - Lennon & Maisey

I first heard this song when iTunes had the "Free Single of The Week." It's from the show Nashville which I never watched but heard it was a great show. This song has been on my Christmas playlist since I downloaded it, and it's just so easy and fun to listen to. I definitely recommend checking this one out!

"Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" - Brenda Lee

This song might be considered a classic by now, but it is an original song and it's a holiday must have! Craziest fact about this song? Brenda Lee was THIRTEEN when she recorded this. 13. What. the. f$%k. She sounds like a grown ass woman and the fact that she is only 13 makes me want to disappear into a forest forever. Brenda Lee has an amazing voice and if you don't know much about her, check out her music. This song has lived on for over 60 years, and will go on for another 60, and another and another.

"Grown-Up Christmas List" - Amy Grant

This was the song I sang in my room every Christmas. The song was written by David Foster and Linda Thompson and was originally performed by Natalie Cole, but it did not take off. How weird is that? When Amy Grant released the song it received considerable airplay. Kelly Clarkson covered the song in 2003, and I love both versions just the same. My mother always played Amy Grant's album Home For Christmas, and it's a really sweet, relaxing holiday album to play when you're sitting by the fire with hot chocolate or a glass of wine.

I had to narrow the songs down to 10, but there's so many more songs I love! They're also on the Spotify playlist, but I'll call them honorable mentions!

  • This Christmas - Donny Hathaway

Such a fun song, and there isn't one cover that has

disappointed either!

  • This Gift - 98 Degrees

  • All I Want Is You (This Christmas) - *NSYNC

  • Where Are You Christmas? - Faith Hill

Mariah Carey wrote this one too AND she was supposed to sing on it

but due to a legal battle with her ex-husband, she wasn't able to. I

think I'm glad they found Faith Hill because she kills it! Another

everlasting Christmas song.

  • Christmastime Together - Alex Bochel & Cristina F

This is my new Christmas song and it's about finding the value

in family and not in Christmas gifts. Check it out!

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